Naturally, I think I’m pretty good. But here’s what other people have said about me. 

“When it comes to compelling content and artfully crafted copy, Gemma is undoubtedly one of the best. She can get under the skin of seemingly any brand or subject matter and deliver everything from editorial plans to pitch documents to short or long form copy; all done with intelligence and flair. Full of ideas and enthusiasm at all times, Gemma is a pleasure to work with. And, best of all, you always know that she will go beyond expectations.”

Tim Leighton, SVP, Director of Creative Strategy, Joint Head of Creative, Jack Morton Worldwide

“An incredibly passionate not to mentioned talented practitioner of the dark arts of content. However, where she really excels is by not just writing, editing and creating compelling content, but the strategic role it needs to play for the end user, the brand and the journey. Plus, she’s a lovely human too!”

Joe Braithwaite, Managing Director, Proximity London

“A fabulous journalist, writer and communicator. (With some superb musical chops thrown in!)”

Fran Perillo, Creative Partner, Proximity London

“I would commission Gemma for projects without hesitation and certainly give her a 5 star recommendation. She is also funny, smart and has a great sense of how to help brands – especially those that need ideas and exceptional detail in execution.”

Heather Yaxley, Managing Consultant, Applause Consultancy

“Gemma is a joy to work with. Not only is she a brilliant writer but her light-touch editing really makes other people’s copy sing. Oh, and did I mention that she’s an excellent strategist?” 

Nicola Gill, Gill Creative

“Clients loved her approach – her journalistic background gave her a little bit of a foot in to a rather determined set of clients, but it was her detailed planning, know-how and enthusiasm that they really appreciated. She's fast, she's funny, she's smart and she's dedicated in getting the best work out possible. She's also a massive team player who brings out the best in the people that work with her.”

John O’Sullivan, Creative Director, Momentum

“Gemma’s forte is instinctively understanding who the audience is and having the ideas to engage them. She came to each project not only armed with ideas but with a strategic view. Not only is Gemma an excellent writer, she’s a real team player. Our best work came from being in a room together with our creative team and coming up with a plan and ideas that were perfect for the brief. She has creative bones which not only stems from her love of words and ideas but a personal life which revolves around creative pursuits.”

Joanne Powell, Freelance Planning Director, Proximity London

“Gemma is the most friendly, dedicated and creative person I have ever worked with. Her ability to think outside the box and to take on different opinions and ideas made her a delight to work with and ensured we could offer the best possible product at all times. Her commitment to producing her very best played an instrumental role in inspiring me to become the professional I am today.”

Marianne Trotta, Marketing Manager, Fagerhult

“A true wordsmith, and with creative flare that captures a real understanding of the audience. Collaborating with Gemma we have achieved some inspirational design; it’s been great working with someone that has knowledge of the creative processes.”

Lionel Cull, Art Director/Design Lead

“She really elevated the agency's content offering, adding priceless value through her passionate approach, extensive knowledge and strategic mind. She constantly strives for the best from herself and those around her and I personally felt I learnt a great deal from her with every project we worked on.”

Jos Canavan, Account Director, Whippet