About me

My name is Gemma Champ. 
I do content.

Photograph by Greer McNally

As in: I strategise, plan, create, copywrite, art-direct and even occasionally design.

I’m not suggesting I do all of those things at once, of course. That would be silly.

I’d rather the experts did the things they’re expert at, so I’m not going to try and art-direct an art director, or overrule a writer.

But still. What it means is I actually understand what it is to execute it from scratch, because I’ve done it myself. So I can see the possibilities and I concede the limits.

And when I’m concepting, ideating and generally flexing those creative muscles, I’m always thinking about the strategic and tactical implications, and the many and varied ways one great idea can be extrapolated into an omnichannel campaign.

I’ve been a journalist for over two decades, covering fashion, luxury, the arts and lifestyle, and I still dabble. Like almost everyone in the creative industries, I also draw, paint, pot, photograph, DJ and endlessly attempt to write a novel. 

Let’s talk. 

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